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All production takes place environmentally efficiently in VASA's certified factory, which is one of Northern Europe's most modern production facilities. Among other things, we blow our bottles ourselves in the factory, which has resulted in over 3,000,000 fewer transport kilometers.

The goal is that the entire stage from purchase to production and finished product should be as sustainable and climate-smart as possible.
With strict quality control, products of the highest quality are guaranteed with complete traceability.

Carefully selected raw materials and one of the world's finest water directly from the source in Kaptensdalen at Ljungan's valleys in Norrländska Njurunda form the basis for the brewery's high-quality products and its unique taste experiences.

Summary of VASA's products:
• Produced with Swedish raw materials
• Made from one of the world's recognized best waters
• Prepared according to recipes from the past
• Protects historic Swedish brands
• Environmentally conscious products
• VASA Bryggeri supports the Children's Cancer Fund


When VASA started producing classic old drinks according to recipes from the past, the brewery became generally known as the "nostalgibryggeriet".

We strive to nurture and preserve Sweden's drinking culture so that even future generations can enjoy and appreciate our drinking heritage.

Because our drinks are made according to recipes from the past, a taste experience beyond the ordinary is offered. That's why we usually say that our products taste.. "Twice as good!"


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