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VASA Bryggeri can also take on external tasks such as preparation, bottling, storage, pallet handling and logistics solutions for other drinks and beverage players with PET packaging in the category of non-alcoholic, carbonated soft drinks and carbonated or still water as well as functional clear drinks.


In addition to modern manufacturing, the company also has storage in alarmed, insured and approved warehouses that are classified as tax warehouses.

The products are manufactured at VASA Bryggeri's production facility in Njurunda (Sundsvall municipality) and are made with high-quality water and contribute to a very fresh and natural taste experience. The production of the contract production takes place in a high-tech production facility with its own In-Line bottle blowing and with a capacity of 6,000 – 9,000 bottles per produced hour at the existing facility.

The production takes place in an environmentally efficient way where, among other things, the bottles that are inflated in the line are the first step in the production line, which now results in over 250,000 fewer transport kilometers of empty bottles every year.

We bulk the Swedish sugar in the entire tanker fleet and fill 40,000 liters into our facility at each refilling occasion, and with this coordination and logistics efficiency, the company saves another 70,000 kilometers every year.

VASA Bryggeri therefore works with an environmental focus on the logistics side and with a high environmental standard for minimized carbon dioxide emissions and the use of only fossil-free production through electricity- and pressure-operated units that are part of the manufacturing stage.

The entire chain from purchase to production and finished product must be as sustainable and climate-smart as possible, and with careful quality controls, products of the highest quality are guaranteed with complete traceability in both directions.

Carefully selected inputs and raw materials from Sweden in combination with one of the world's finest selections form the basis for the company's high-quality products for our clients.

The water has exemplary values and is taken directly from the nearby Nolby source in Kaptensdalen by the valleys of the river Ljungans, located in the northern part of Njurunda.

The water originally comes from Ljungdalen in the mountains of Jämtland.

It flows downstream Ljungan and is drained through the mineral-rich sandbanks in the river's valleys and is filtered in a natural way in its various sediments before reaching the underground "lakes" under Ljungan which act as nature's own reservoirs before VASA Bryggeri then pumps this up in pipes through the water company Mittsverige Vatten's supply, which also guarantee both the quality and quantity of the water.

The water source and source are completely PFAS-free and are not regulated in any way in terms of maximum absorption volumes, which guarantees good potential.

It is this water that VASA Bryggeri uses in its production of drinks and is therefore exquisitely good water with excellent water values (mg/litre):

- Hydrogen carbonate 90 mg/l

- Fluoride 0.34 mg/l

- Chloride 2 mg/l

- Sulphate 9.2 mg/l

- Potassium <2 mg/l

- Sodium <2.8 mg/l

Since water is an important part as an aroma carrier in all forms of drink, the company has its advantage through its location with access to high-quality water.

Through the good water as the main raw material and other well-formulated inputs, these components give drinks a very fresh and natural taste experience in the company's products.

For interested customers, VASA Bryggeri has several well-known reference customers to show.

Welcome to contact us for a dialogue on how we can be of help to produce your good drinks and thereby strengthen your brand!

Niclas Nilsson, CEO

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